Heart Hunters

We need your help with a quick and easy way to celebrate and support our 2020 graduates of Galesburg High School!

Have you seen hearts in windows throughout our community?  Did you know that Heart Hunters is a phenomenon that has been celebrated throughout our country, but originated in Galesburg from resident Krista Wynes?  Did you know that the Heart Hunters group on Facebook has over 818,000 members?!  

For those of us who have already participated in Heart Hunters by putting hearts in the windows of our homes, this simple act has given us all something to do together, something to unite us all.  Because Heart Hunters did originate in Galesburg, Krista has agreed that it is the perfect time for this movement to celebrate the graduates of GHS, or any graduating seniors for that matter!  

Brianne Hankes (GHS English teacher) came up with the fantastic idea to add a STREAK to the heart display in your windows to support 2020 GHS graduates.  We are asking that you all add a STREAK to the hearts on your windows in support of our GHS grads.  Please see the photo provided above for examples from the homes of some of our staff members.  You may also make a special heart and add your senior's name if your home has a graduating senior, or you want to show support for a certain one. This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish! Adding this STREAK to your window can bring our seniors some joy at this time they need it so much.  You can create your own STREAK, or print and use the one found at the link below, graciously created by our own GHS Art teacher, Courtney Florine.  To celebrate your support and our seniors, also consider posting a picture of your window to the Heart Hunters page on Facebook, and using the hashtag #GHSconnects and #GHSclassof2020.

Link to print off a STREAK