In a few weeks all 10th and 12th grade students will be given the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) to complete in Advocacy.  The purpose of the IYS is to better understand youth attitudes and
behaviors that can impact student problems and academic success. The survey
will ask about topics including nutrition, physical activity, bullying, tobacco,
alcohol, and other drug use. The survey will be confidentially
administered during two Advocacy periods. The survey is completely
voluntary and privacy will be strictly protected.  The general information provided from this survey aids agencies in our community with funding and access to resources to support those needing it.

If a parent does not wish for their child to participate, he or she may print and sign the attached “opt-out” form.  Paper copies of this form are also available in the GHS front office. The attached form also contains more detailed information about the survey. To see a copy of the survey, please visit https://iys.cprd.illinois.edu/about/content.  You may also contact Mrs. Mindi Ritchie at GHS for more information at 973-2001.