Talk Saves Lives

Galesburg High School will host two events next week related to suicide prevention.  

On February 4th there is an event for parents and community members.  This program aims to support those individuals that know someone that has had suicidal thoughts and/or attempts.  Attendees will learn to make sense of the situation and be provided with the tools, understanding and resources to support the person struggling.  This program can also help those struggling with this themselves.  This event is intended for minors.  The event will be held in the GHS Little Theatre from 6-8:00 p.m.  Attendees should enter through the front door of GHS, and signage will direct you to the location for the event.  A light dinner will be provided.  Please use this link to sign up for the presentation on February 4th:  

On February 5th all GHS students will attend an assembly called “Talk Saves Lives” with members of their graduating class.  This developmentally appropriate presentation will be a brief introduction to suicide prevention. This presentation will cover what we know about this leading cause of death, the most up-to-date research on prevention, and what we can all do to fight suicide.  Participants will learn the common risk factors for suicide, how to spot the warning signs in others, and how to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and those in our community safe. 

Both of these important events are made possible by the efforts and funding of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk.  A mental health professional will be available to assist at both events should a person need someone to talk to.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mindi Ritchie (Assistant Principal at GHS) at 973-2001.