SAT Prep

Over twenty-five juniors have already committed to investing in themselves by signing up for our *free* in-person SAT preparation program offered at GHS throughout February and March.  If you didn't come to our kick-off meeting but would still like to participate, it is not too late to add you to this awesome opportunity.  Here are some details to know:

All juniors take the SAT on April 14th.  This is required for graduation.

  • Research has shown by and large that students that prepare for the SAT improve their score.  Students have already practiced some by taking the PSAT freshman and sophomore years.  Additionally, you study vocabulary and targeted math problems in  your classes that are commonly seen on the SAT.  Last year nearly all GHS students that participated in at least 6 in-person SAT Prep sessions improved their SAT score based on a pre and post test assessment by over 100 points!

We have a few different options for students interested in prepping: 

  • GHS SAT Prep, our most intensive and targeted option, involves a hybrid approach.  You will work through sample test sections to determine areas for targeted for growth using Method Test Prep, an online platform.  Students choose which areas to target based on their pre-assessment, and anytime needed, they can ask for help from a GHS teacher.  This program occurs from 3-4 p.m. most days after school.  This year Mr. Bennewitz is helping with the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Essay sections, and Mrs. Wolfe and Mr. Miller with the Math section.  If you are interested in the GHS SAT Prep option, you must commit to coming to at least six sessions as well as taking the pre and post test.  You can drop into room 209 anytime this week to fill out your permission slip to participate.  The first pre-test session will take place Wednesday, January 29th at 3 p.m. in room 209.   
  • If you can't make it to the six in-person sessions throughout February and March due to other commitments, consider using the online platform only!  Any work you put in can help you!  Stop into room 209 after school from 3-4 for directions to sign up for this option.  If you get stuck on something working on your own, feel free to drop in for support after school on scheduled days.
  • Too busy to commit to six sessions?  Method Test Prep not for you?  That is ok too.  Khan Academy also offers a free program for test prep.  Visit for more information.  Consider blocking out a few hours of your weekend to knock this out.  
  • Also consider signing up for ZAPS.  ZAPS is a 5 hour program that is focused less on SAT content, and more on SAT testing strategies.  This will be offered on Friday, March 6th during the school day.  There is a cost to this program of $90.  If you have free and reduced lunch and cannot pay, please see Mrs. Ritchie to be considered for 2 scholarship options.  Information on how to sign up for this opportunity will be sent home soon.

If you have any questions about these options or the SAT in general, please see Assistant Principal Mrs. Ritchie.  Good luck, junior Streaks! 

GHS SAT Prep schedules are posted throughout the building and in the front office. Visit this link to view the schedule online:

GHS SAT Prep Schedule