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Physical Education

PHYSICAL EDUCATION MISSION STATEMENT:To provide quality physical education that empowers all students tolearn, develop, and apply the skills needed for daily participation inpersonal fitness and lifetime activities. When students maintainadequate levels of physical fitness and make healthy choices, theconditions and opportunities for learning also increase. Through activeparticipation in movement and sport, students will foster anappreciation for social skills vital to becoming healthy, productivemembers of the community.
    Physical Education Goals:
    ■ Develop overall health-related fitness and understanding of every student
    ■ Acquire awareness of the importance of lifelong commitment to health and wellness
    ■ Establish lifelong habits
    ■ Educate and promote wellness concepts that will allow students to reduce the risk of health problems
    ■ Encourage teamwork, cooperation, and fair play

Teaching Staff

Jody Chapman
Marla Clay*
Brad Gross
Ryan Hart
Jeremy Pickrel
Brad Swanson
Mike Washabaugh*
   *Department Co-Chair   

Physical Education ClassGuidelines 

Online Physical Education Resources


Make-up and Extra Credit Aerobic and Anaerobic Activity
Exercise and Nutrition Cardiovascular Exercise Training
Body Composition and Exercise Components of Physical Fitness
Flexability Training Muscular Strength and Strength Training
Strength Training Principles  



Teaching Staff

Brad Swanson
Mike Washabaugh

Health ClassGuidelines

Online Health Education Resources

Choose My Plate
Center for Disease Contro
Kids Health
Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Driver's Education

DRIVERS EDUCATION MISSIONSTATEMENT: There is no class at GHS where responsibility and maturityis more important. Understanding and purposefully developing positivebehaviors will help develop a level of maturity, independence andself-management necessary for obtaining a drivers license. Students willreceive instruction in the safe operation of a motor vehicle, rules of theroad, and the state laws relating to driving. The course meets all State ofIllinois requirements in preparing students to become safe and efficientusers of the Highway Transportation System

Teaching Staff

Brad Gross
Malinda Ullrich
   *Department Chair

Online Driver's Education Resources

Illinois Secretary of State
50 Hour Log Sheet
National Traffic Safety
Illinois State Police
Illinois Drivers EducationAssociation
Drivers Education FAQ

Driver's Education ClassGuidelines


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