Science Department News, Sept 2017

Science Department News, Sept 2017
Posted on 09/19/2017
Science Department News, Sept 2017 

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GHS Science Department News

September 2017

Testing for the Proximate Cause of Diving Bradycardia

After having previously determined that humans do have diving bradycardia (heart rate decreases when the face is put in cold water), Ms. Buebe’s Biology students followed up by determining which of the following, holding their breath, wet cheeks, or cold cheeks, was the proximate cause of diving bradycardia in humans. The answer...all three!

Student Science Experiment1

Student Science Experiment2

Brrrrrrr. Those ice packs are cold! Go figure.

Student Science Experiment3

Heart rate … slowing ……. down!

Student Science Experiment4

I’m the coolest guy in the room right now. You can call me Brady Cardia.

Student Science Experiment5

Making Metric Volume Measurements

Ms. Buebe’s Earth Systems students practiced measuring volume using graduated cylinders.  Volumes of colored water were transferred to different test tubes. If instructions were followed correctly and the volumes measured accurately, the group should end up with equal volumes of 10 ml in each test tube that create a rainbow of colors.

Student Science Experiment6

Student Science Experiment7

Student Science Experiment8

Student Science Experiment8

Student Science Experiment9

Tragedy of the Commons Activity

How well can the group manage a shared resource? What happens to the resource if some individuals choose to over-harvest? Ms. Buebe’s Environmental Science classes want to find out! This simulation involved a shared population of goldfish crackers and individual choice about how many fish to harvest. Can the group harvest the resource sustainably, or will they harvest too much too fast?

Student Science Experiment10Student Science Experiment11

Student Science Experiment12


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