Science Dept News Feb 2017

Science Dept News Feb 2017
Posted on 02/20/2017
Feb news

GHS Science Department News

February 2017

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Planaria Regeneration Lab

Planaria are tiny flatworms that live in quiet freshwater ponds and small lakes. Mrs. Gehring’s Zoology students are learning about symmetry and regeneration by cutting the planaria into sections and then charting their growth. First, the planaria are placed on ice to slow them down. Then a student uses a scalpel to cut the planaria into sections. It takes several days, but a single planaria can be cut in half and then regenerate into two complete planaria.
01  00 
05  02 
 In the series of photos shown below, a cut section of a planaria swims above a grid that helps students measure length. Day by day, students record the length of the planaria as it regenerates. The direction of the cut helps determine how the planaria will regenerate. Some planaria completely rearrange their internal organs during their “remodeling” process!
07  03  04 
24 hrs after cutting  4 days after cutting  6 days after cutting



Mr. Baxter’s Physics students know that their grades are on the line when it comes to the Golf Ball Launch Lab. The students must carefully measure and calculate the speed of a golf ball launched from a ramp in order to predict where the golf ball will land. Will the golf ball hit the bulls eye? Only time (and distance) will tell.

08  06 


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