Block Schedule Team Update 2

Block Schedule Team Update 2
Posted on 01/06/2017

Study of Block Scheduling at Galesburg High School        2016-17

Galesburg School District 205

Galesburg, IL

Determine the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Block Scheduling at GHS


Download a printable copy of Meeting 3 brief

Download a printable copy of Meeting 2 brief

Download a printable copy of Meeting 1 brief


December 14, 2016   3:30 p.m.  Meeting No. 3 Brief Summary  Room 15 GHS


  1. All members were present. We had a brief discussion about one of the side issues we discussed, High School Start Time based on an article in Kappan magazine.
  2. The Meeting # 2 Summary was accepted and the agenda for today’s meeting was accepted without changes.
  3. Follow-up on items from last two meetings:
    1. Laurie, Ben and Stu shared with us their revised questions.
      1. We discussed the questions and Laurie, Ben and Stu felt that they had sufficient feedback and ideas do another revision.
      2. We talked about the pros and cons of surveying parents versus focus groups or public forums.
      3. (We also had a brief discussion of the survey of the high school staff about colleagues they would turn to for help and assistance. The survey responses are finished.
    2. We talked about the current block schedule and the advantages and disadvantages or limitations of the Block Schedule.
    3. We have had difficulty finding and agreeing upon data that might indicate the effectiveness of the Block Schedule over time.We do not have data on what is happening in terms of college attendance and success.We can look at graduation rate, attendance rate and ACT scores over time.We do agree that we have to stay data driven and student outcome/ results-oriented.We talked about assessing what has happened in terms of school climate, tardies and discipline.
  4. Other questions that we discussed:
    1. New courses that have been instituted and how many are actually taken by students.
    2. We agreed that it might be useful to look at comparisons in terms of minutes of instruction for students, student load for staff and number of courses completed in 4 block, 8 block, 6 period traditional and 7 period traditional formats.
    3. We discussed the possibility of hearing from staff who have experience with both Block and Traditional Schedules.
    4. Matt knows of two students who dropped out while going to high school with the Block Schedule will contact them.
    5. Matt also shared with us the school districts that were included in the original study and he has arranged to interview them.
  5. Future meetings – We planned two meetings for January.

Questions may be submitted through the Galesburg CUSD 205 Contact Us Page

Committee Members

           Laurie Aten  .  Ben Bredemeier  .  Jeff Houston  .  Matt Jacobson  .  Gloria Osborn  .  Stu Schaafsma  .  Lori Sundberg  .   and Peter Flynn (Consultant)

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